Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Everyone Deserves a Lifetime

The week I got back from my 3day, I called my aunt and she told me, you need to write down the special things you remember from the 3day before you forget. I laughed and told her, are you going to buy me a journal? I have never been the journal/diary girl. I am not even really a "blogging" girl, if you followed me through the past 6 months as I trained for my walk. (And if you think I am a good blogger, you need to look up my friend Adam, his blogs are ridiculous, they put mine to shame!)

So, while I could list everything from the 3 day I possibly remember, I think this sums it up more.

Have you heard of the song, The Climb? Before you roll your eyes because it's by Miley Cyrus, it is the perfect song to describe this journey. I listened to it over and over when I trained, think that it was exactly what I was doing, but I never really got it all until now. Looking back on the entire 3day, I remember most everything, but it wasn't just about those three days, it was the climb to get there. More importantly what was going on in my life while I was getting there.

The 3day 2010---

ANYONE (whether you donate or not) who would like for me to walk for them, in memory or in honor of their family or friends who have survived or passed away from Breast Cancer, please e-mail me, or make a comment on here with their full names.

The first day I walk of the 3day will list everyone that I am walking for.... The second day will list everyone who chooses to donate this year.... and the third day... I haven't decided yet... if you have an idea let me know! :-)

This year, I am hoping to raise most of the money myself, because I know we are in a tough economy and I do not want to ask people to donate two years in a row. So I just ask if you will please support me in my journey as I train again. -- And if you are one of my Michigan friends, you better be at the spectator points with posters while I'm there!!! :-)

Love you all, Thank you for your continuing support.