Tuesday, July 20, 2010

24 days until we head to the mitten!

Crazy week!!!

My finals are this week (a huge final paper and final exam), training is impossible in 101 degree weather, and I am $393 away from goal!!

Please pray for us as we make it through the next few weeks!! :-)

We are going to lay off training this week while the weather subsides... which hopefully it does, because if not, we are in trouble. For those of you who aren't here, the weather has gone up into the 100's with the humidity... last week when we were out walking, I became so hot that I started having chills and was freezing cold. Luckily, my dad was at home and picked us up...

So... we are going to play it by ear, which means finals the first of this week, having a break and an awesome time with Phil's brother and sister while they are in town, then training like CRAZY for one more week, then Michigan!!

Thank you to everyone who supports us... we love you all :-) *** and of course, we will be throwing another 3day party this year for our amazing friends!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I woke up this morning to...

Pink Hair?

I didn't really think anything about it yesterday. I'm doing this for the Breast Cancer walk to honor my grandmother who passed away from breast cancer and donations to be part of the 3day walk. Then I looked in the mirror this morning and realized, I have pink hair. I will have pink hair for the next 5 weeks. Holy cow. You should really donate, I have pink hair. :-)

To answer your next question, yes Phil is getting his hair done, it was a matter of deciding how much of his hair we should do (Phil wants it all, the amount that my scalp was burning, I said he should make a fo-hawk... he wasn't amused.) So my mom will be doing his this week while I am doing interviews for a project, so I guess I will be as surprised as everyone else!

So basically, mom had to bleach out my entire head white, and then wait until it dried (with sunglasses on, I looked like Hannah Montana--- or so I thought, Becky laughed at me) :-) Then we died my whole head pink once, then again. And pictures are below.

The "during" and "after"

What I really wonder though, is how my grandmother (who I am walking for) would have reacted to this? :-)

For the next part, you may want to stop reading, or at least don't look at the picture if you have a weak stomach, as one of my best friends, described it as "EWWWWW" .... but when training last year, I would take breaks and go swimming at the gym. Well one day my pinky toenail decided to come off... which hurt like none other. I couldn't figure out why so I did research (aka texted Phil) and he informed me to keep my nails extra short that during training season they would come off.

So this year, I have been so proud of myself, cutting them as far as they would go, etc. Until yesterday, when my klutzy self tripped and took a fall down the stairs...

And this is my new owwie. Apparently I was not to make it through the season without taking out a toenail. Oh well. I tried. :-)

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue this journey, we only have 4 weeks left of training.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pink Hair, A walk in OUR shoes, and our training walks

I hope you guys all enjoy this post as it is filled with lots of information, fun facts, pictures, and a look inside at what we are doing to entertain ourselves during hours a day of walking, eating, talking, and laughing.

As you all know, in order to do the 3 day, 60 mile walk, we have to EACH raise $2,300. If you know us, you know that although we are never going to see a penny of this money, and it is for a good cause (as to the reason we choose to train over 500 miles to get ready for it, spend endless hours raising money, and doing dumb things like dying our hair pink!) So when we ask to you please, please donate. Please look at what you are donating to, not to us to continue when we are humped over and dragging the last mile, but to the money that is being used to find a cure for Breast Cancer. And for those of you who do not know, they have made a vaccine that has worked in rats, and will be tested in humans in the next few years. Which means your children and grandchildren could be Breast Cancer free.

We do this because my grandmother probably would have liked to have known that she had a grandson in addition to her granddaughter. A mom who would have liked to see her kids graduate college. Fill in the blank, the situation has happened. Last year, I walked with a girl who started the year training with her mom for the 3day, by the Atlanta walk, she was walking FOR her mom.

So first, I'll explain the two fundraiser ideas that I cannot take credit for, but really liked... so please read!!

To amp up donations I am issuing a challenge to everyone... today is July 3rd, and I have $873 to raise. If I raise $200 by next Saturday night/Sunday (The 10th/11th) I will be dying my hair pink through the 3day walk (From July 11th until August 17th I will be a pink-head!). Anyone who has not dyed their hair before, this consists of bleaching out all of my hair, dying it pink, and then after the 3day dying it back brown until the pink wears out. IF, we raise $400 by the 11th, Phil has volunteered to die his hair pink until/through the 3day. Mr. and Mrs. Lowe if you are reading this, this is not my idea, I promise you. :-)

The second fundraiser... A WALK IN OUR SHOES

On Friday/Saturday/Sunday July 30st/August 1st, mom and I have to walk an 18 mile back to back (to back) before tapering for the 3day. On Saturday, we are offering YOU the chance to take a walk in our shoes. We have a route mapped out, and will have a sign up calendar to walk a mile (or more if you would like) for $10 a mile to support the boobies. Mom and I will be walking the entire time, and you will be able to "train" with us during our longest walk. On top of that, we will be having a cook-out that night to celebrate the longest training walk, including a pool party, volleyball, and our wonderful friends!!

A few pictures of our walks... We walked a lot at the lake last week as it creeped over 100 degree multiple days... at 7am the wildlife is amazing....

Our super old turtle friend

These ducks were all sitting on the grass when we walked up, one by one they made their way into the water staying in a row. We watched as every single duck entered the water, and the one duck (who looked the oldest) sat on the edge and watched but never entered the water.

I tried a clif shot for the first time yesterday. It was interesting but they work wonders. Today I purchased a Vanilla Gu, so we will see which one tastes better!

Thanks for reading if you made it this far! And if you did please leave me a comment either here or on fb, it's sometimes good to know I'm not always writing to myself :-)

Also, think about donating in the next week, you know you always wanted to see me with bright pink hair ;-)