Monday, April 12, 2010

Curing Breast Cancer, Promoting Skin Cancer

Not really. But I didn't realize how sunny it was outside today. (I know Laurie, you are shaking your finger at me right now). :-) Tomorrow, there will be sunscreen involved. And tonight, aloe. =)

Today was the first of the official training until August 1st, this week is the 6 miles, then it goes up to 7 miles... and so on. There is 16 weeks until August 1st, and based on training from last year, the weeks that were the hardest were mile 11, 15, 18 ... so those will be repeated for two weeks.

Basically training is broken down into M,T,W - long walks (the same everyday for that week, so this week it is 6 miles), Thursday is a break day, Friday is a short walk, this week will be 3 miles, the most the short walk ever becomes is 6 miles. Then Saturday will be a swimming/elliptical day, and Sunday is off.

If anyone is ever interested in walking with me during my short walks, I will switch my Friday and Saturday so just let me know! :-)
Thanks to everyone who has already donated this year, you guys kick butt!! My mom and I will be looking into our shirts soon, so if there is anyone you would like us to walk for in memory of or in honor of, please let me know and I will be happy to add their names to the back of ours shirts!

Time for many, many papers, almost done with spring semester!! =) I promise I will update with more exciting adventures!!

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