Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I woke up this morning to...

Pink Hair?

I didn't really think anything about it yesterday. I'm doing this for the Breast Cancer walk to honor my grandmother who passed away from breast cancer and donations to be part of the 3day walk. Then I looked in the mirror this morning and realized, I have pink hair. I will have pink hair for the next 5 weeks. Holy cow. You should really donate, I have pink hair. :-)

To answer your next question, yes Phil is getting his hair done, it was a matter of deciding how much of his hair we should do (Phil wants it all, the amount that my scalp was burning, I said he should make a fo-hawk... he wasn't amused.) So my mom will be doing his this week while I am doing interviews for a project, so I guess I will be as surprised as everyone else!

So basically, mom had to bleach out my entire head white, and then wait until it dried (with sunglasses on, I looked like Hannah Montana--- or so I thought, Becky laughed at me) :-) Then we died my whole head pink once, then again. And pictures are below.

The "during" and "after"

What I really wonder though, is how my grandmother (who I am walking for) would have reacted to this? :-)

For the next part, you may want to stop reading, or at least don't look at the picture if you have a weak stomach, as one of my best friends, described it as "EWWWWW" .... but when training last year, I would take breaks and go swimming at the gym. Well one day my pinky toenail decided to come off... which hurt like none other. I couldn't figure out why so I did research (aka texted Phil) and he informed me to keep my nails extra short that during training season they would come off.

So this year, I have been so proud of myself, cutting them as far as they would go, etc. Until yesterday, when my klutzy self tripped and took a fall down the stairs...

And this is my new owwie. Apparently I was not to make it through the season without taking out a toenail. Oh well. I tried. :-)

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue this journey, we only have 4 weeks left of training.

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