Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hottest Week Ever.

I was unaware until last week that North Carolina was located next to the SUN! It was so hot. It was honestly the first week between this year and last year that I quit walking mid-way, deciding I was going to pass out, and called for a ride. Granted in July of last year it reached over 100 degrees, but training up to that made a big difference.It was so hot, we were both covered in sunscreen and after 4 miles I had already started to burn. Great picture huh? This was the picture I sent to Phil with a plea to ask him to pick us up off the street.

We only made it about 4.5 miles and didn't try again the next day. So tomorrow we will start the week again with our three days. We are a week behind, but I think it was worth it not to be out in the heat.

In other news, The Cook-Off is on for June 26th, I tried to make sure I covered everyone in the invitation via evite however, some people i do not have e-mail addresses for, so please send me your e-mail if you want to come to this event, friends/boyfriends/girlfriends/spouses are all welcome.

There are 3 guys cooking off against each other, each preparing 3 courses. The cost is $10 a head (anyone under 5 is free) and ALL of the proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Walk! We are hoping to have as many people as we can that are interested, so please e-mail me for all the info!

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