Monday, June 28, 2010

44 Days + $873

Thank you to everyone who came out for the Breast Cancer Cook-Off!! It was awesome, the food was amazing, and our chef's really need to open their own restaurant!

I could not have done this without Chris, Kenny, and Phil... Thank you so much!! And to mom and Shea for always helping out with everything!

To everyone who could not make it... the guys each made three course meals and provided samples of each course... we all sampled and voted after each course, then added up the votes at the end.

Here are some pictures (keep reading after there is still more to follow!)

Updates: We have been walking out in this heat. Currently, we have 6 training weeks left including the one we are in right now, and very behind where we were last year. I have suffered a few times from overheating and somehow mom is walking along with no complaints. She has to be the best partner in the world, she will not mention a complaint at all, although the second I start wearing down, she lists everything that is hurting on her. Typically it is her entire body, but I love the fact that she won't let me know until I finally break. For anyone who is wondering 6 weeks is plenty of time, and we will be completely trained by the time we go walk, we just spent about 5 weeks last year training 15 miles a day for three days a week, and that will not be the case this year.

For those who are in Michigan: I have the info on the walk. I will email you in the next week or so with all the information. Phil will be up there the entire time and will be able to let you know where all the points are (they are secured by police so we do not know ahead of time)... and we are hoping to get a group together to go out afterward. Once we get the address of the hotel, I will send out information to everyone!!

Please keep donating and supporting!! We only have 44 days and I still have $873 to raise!! Most importantly, any morning you are bored, send me a long e-mail, a puzzle, some problem to figure out, I have to get my mind off of the tiredness and the heat! :-)

Thank you again for all the support, I love all of you!

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