Monday, June 14, 2010

It's 90 WHAT~!

After almost passing out on the softball field after an hour yesterday, we thought it would not be the best idea to try training today. The forecast for this week (on the days we will be walking) is 93, 93, 92...

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers this week as we walk lots of miles, we are having to play catch-up a lot because our training has not been as consistant as last year when I was not in school. We have only 8.5 weeks to be fully prepared, which means rain or shine, whether it is 100 degrees or not we will be out walking.

I have not much to report on, our training will become hours longer starting next week as I finish up one of my summer school classes, and can pretty much concentrate on training alone.

Thank you everyone who has contributed so much, we are looking forward to having a garage sale this Saturday, followed by the Cook-Off next Saturday, which we are EXTREMELY excited about. If you have not gotten information on this yet, please contact me!! We are expecting to have a great turn out, and all the chefs have been practicing their dishes and are excited to compete.

Sorry to wrap it up so short, but back to the homework!!

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